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Jan. 20th, 2010 | 06:06 pm
mood: energeticenergetic
music: mars volta

Lemon-Honey Tea
Great Grains w/ milk
PB&J w/ clementine
tea, cream & sugar
whole grain toast with sunflower seeds

In other news I am extremely sick and can not smell a thing. German final is tomorrow and my group is not prepared (neither, for that matter, am I), Chapter 18 test in APUSH that I'm not worried about, and I got to look at an eardrum today! I want an otoscope for Christmas next year. 

Debating whether to Chi or not to Chi. On the one hand, I like curly hair, it's healthier, I'm not frying the living daylights out of it, etc. On the other, I like straight hair, it's ceramic plated, I have the heat protecting spray, but I AM still feeling like I'm frying the living daylights out of it. There has to be a comm on here: Straight vs. Curly.

I have read tons of books whose names I can't really remember but I"ll give it a shot: Picture Maker, Poisonwood Bible, Prodigal Summer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Le Morte d'Arthur (in progress), Plague of Doves, Gap Creek (in progress), The Darwin Conspiracy (in progress).  NOTE TO SELF: freakin' remember to ask the librarian to print out list of all books checked out.

Trying to go sugar free. Or sugar low, at any rate. According to mypyramid I should get:


GRAINS-7 oz.
FRUITS- 3 c.
MILK- 3 c.

However, I do not measure my apples and clementines in cups. So that's basically useless. I'm good on milk, good on fruit, Um...veggies? Not so good.

Tuesdays: riding, 1 hr. average: 300 calories burned
Wednesdays: Soccer, indoor, 1 hr. 15 min about 600 calories burned
Sometimes I run. When I'm feeling ambitious. Which is not too often.

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