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February 7

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Feb. 7th, 2010 | 12:28 pm

Hot Chocolate
balisto bar
chicken and pasta
fruit and yogurt

Ran two miles in 16:44!!! Granted, I almost went into cardiac arrest and died, but, hey. My mile and a half was 12:45 or something close to that. Passing the PT test for two miles is 18:36, so huzzah. But it was on a treadmill and I always do better onthe treadmill. I also played soccer with some old(er) guys and did my pullups on the machine (7 at 125 and 7 at 110? or next lowest setting).  My room is still messy, haven't done any homework, but I DID watch Donnie Darko. Twice. What more can you get out of a weekend?

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